Pinnacle’s success and growth in the past 10 years is due largely to one factor: the enthusiasm and satisfaction of our clients. We appreciate every opportunity we have to work with a client; new or existing. When a client returns to us with a new project after the successful completion of a previous one, it reinforces our core beliefs that excellent theoretical understanding, realistic design practices, and our emphasis on outstanding customer service are exactly what our clients need.

The photographs in this section are the culmination of an immersive design process with the entire project team. We could not be successful without the creative and thorough architects and owners for whom we work, or without the other engineers who provide the systems that make these buildings and sites work. So, to all of our teammates, past and present, thank you!


At Pinnacle Structural Engineers, we believe that every project, no matter how similar to another project, deserves the benefit of a unique design strategy. Whether it is a compressed schedule, or unique use requirements designated by the owner, we believe in taking a look at the big picture and determining the structural elements that will provide the most economical and successful final product.

As you view the photographs in the sections below, you will see the diversity of the services we can provide. As a company, we pride ourselves on the breadth of our knowledge, and as individuals, we pride ourselves in our areas of expertise. The projects we have chosen for this website are excellent examples of the final product we offer to our clients.

Project Sectors

The project sectors listed below are not all-inclusive and have considerable overlap. For example, projects in the ‘Industrial’ section often include a building more suited for the ‘Office’ section. Most ‘Warehouse’ projects also include an office, and vice-versa. As a result, projects have been categorized according to their ‘major use’.

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