Pinnacle Principal Named to Building Design + Construction’s Forty Under 40

ACAdam Cryer, co-founding principal of Pinnacle, has been named to Building Design + Construction’s Class of 2014 Forty Under 40.  Adam’s combination of firm leadership, project management, and extracurricular volunteer activities has made him an indispensable part of the Pinnacle team, and well deserving of this recognition.

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2013 AIA Sandcastle Competition: A Great Success!


Posted By Keri Shivers

On June 1st, Pinnacle Structural Engineers teamed up with Energy Architecture and Momentum Engineering to take on the veterans of the AIA Sandcastle competition. As fairly new competitors, we eagerly approached our second year in the competition armed with the lessons we learned from last year. We began discussing and planning our sculpture in early April to give us plenty of time to iron out the details and be as prepared as one can be for the big day.

As it was the first AIA Sandcastle competition for many of us, we did our best to prepare, but as I was told, nothing truly prepares you for what to expect on East Beach more than competing itself.  As we approached the site in our “safety orange” Lorax t-shirts the wind is blowing and the heat at 7 am is already getting to you. Then as you see the large mound of sand waiting for you there is a bubble of excitement that ignites childhood memories and suddenly the heat is unnoticeable!

We all excitedly collected under the tent at our site enjoying a wonderful breakfast provided by Teknion and discussing our plan of action. The excitement grew as more and more people began to show up and we approached the start of the competition.

Promptly at 10 am the competition began. The forming crew went straight to work moving the mountain of sand and placing the forms for what would be the wall that encloses Thneedville and keeps the citizens unaware of the true decaying condition of the environment outside the city.   The rest of us hit the ocean with five gallon buckets and quickly formed an assembly line to transport water to our site. Working as a team, we were all able to get ample water to the site and truly benefited from everyone’s strengths.

The day flew by as we all worked diligently to attempt our hands at some Dr. Seuss-inspired architecture and we were pleased to see that our incredible sign and fun Lorax tattoos were creating quite the buzz around our site. The sun beat down on our backs as we worked away. The heat and humidity climbed but we were having so much fun there was little time to realize it.

We all worked in shifts and enjoyed the BBQ lunch we brought and shared a few beers amongst friends as the children were running and playing on the beach.  We had a great time getting to know each other a little better beyond the walls of the office. Here at Pinnacle we truly enjoy the camaraderie that we share and always look forward to seeing and getting to know each other’s spouses and families.

As the end of the competition came near, we quickly cleaned up our site and stepped back to reveal what all the teamwork, planning, and manpower had resulted in, and were pleasantly surprised! The site looked great; all the planning and hard work had paid off.

Looking back on the experience, I am proud to say we had a great turnout, everyone from Pinnacle was there and we had over 40 people show up to pitch in and create our sculpture. All in all it was a great experience and we learned even more to help prepare us for next year.  So look out veterans, we are coming for you in 2014!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year a great success!

Pinnacle Structural Engineers & Families

Energy Architecture & Families

Momentum Engineering & Families


2013 Team Sponsors:

Energy Architecture

Pinnacle Structural Engineers

Momentum Engineering


Architectural Floors

Lesco Architectural Lighting

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Pinnacle Employees Run the Lone Star Stampede

Four Pinnacle employees participated in the 2013 Lone Star Stampede in the Galleria area this past Saturday.  The event raised money for Houston-area academic scholarships for high school students.  The weather was perfect, the race had an excellent turnout, and all four employees set personal records.  Special congratulations to Adam, who put together a fast enough time in the 10K race to automatically qualify for next year’s Houston marathon!

2013-05-04 09.11.14

Pinnacle’s newest graduate engineer

We are pleased to welcome Tom Lawton, a recent Stanford graduate, to our team of graduate engineers.  Although a native of Wisconsin, Tom recently migrated to Texas from Palo Alto, California.  Welcome to Houston Tom, we are glad to have you join the Pinnacle family.

Tom Lawton


2013 AIA Sandcastle Competition

Pinnacle has joined forces with Energy Architecture, and Momentum Engineering this year to compete in the annual AIA Sandcastle competition June 1st in Galveston.  This is our second year participating and we are looking forward to the event!  We began our planning a lot sooner this year, and things are coming along great.  We have decided on a theme, that we love, completely inspired by Dr. Seuss and his fun and challenging architecture.  This year we will speak for the trees and transform our site into a scene inspired by Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax.

In collaboration with Energy; we came up with some great design ideas.  Energy took those ideas and created a 3D model of our site, and it looks awesome!  As the event approaches our teammates at Energy are ordering supplies, getting mustache shirts made, and making the site look all “Seussed”  up.  Here at Pinnacle we will be spending our next few weekends creating the formwork for our site and collecting the materials needed for our big day in Galveston.

We encourage you to bring the family down and check out the competition.  Be sure to come check us out on the beach at site 7!  We will have face painting for the kids and mustache tattoos!  You won’t be able to miss us in our bright orange mustache shirts and sunstaches!

AIA Sandcastle

500 Fannin Wins 2 HBJ Landmark Awards

One of Pinnacle’s restoration projects, located at 500 Fannin Street, won 2 HBJ Landmark awards at this month’s awards banquet.  Pinnacle teamed with Fretz Construction and Ziegler Cooper Architects to produce a winning project in both the Rehabilitation/Renovation and the Historic Renovation categories.

Click below for a link to the Houston Business Landmark Awards 2013:

500 Fannin Original      500 Fannin Restored

Pinnacle’s softball team wins Division!

Our softball team was able to pull out two hard-fought wins last night against the #2 seed to win our division.  In the past 3 weeks, we played 8 games, winning 6 of the first 7, including 5 elimination games.  We suffered a disappointing loss in the championship against an excellent JW Outcasts team, but were thrilled with our long run through the playoffs and our Division Championship.

Special thanks go out to our industry teammates; Chelsea and John from Powers Brown Architecture, Ben from Harrison Kornberg Architects, Kacey from Hilti, and Samantha from TruGreen.

We would also like to thank our teammates who have played with us, through the highs and lows, for the past few years; Donald, Jay, Juan, and Andrew.  And to be thorough, thanks to our Pinnacle employees and spouses; Heath, Kelly, Pete, and especially our captain, Don.

IMG955654 T-shirt

Click below for a link to our playoff bracket.

Playoff Bracket Spring 2013 (Double Elimination)